Friday, July 25, 2014

Module six - Presentation board of supporting work

This board groups main ideas, developments and trial samples which gradually led to my Tiber wall-hanging. It is made up of four cardboard sheets of 30 per 42 cms each, bound together in concertina book style.

Overall view

Pres board

Sheet 1 – photos, sketches, colour scheme, collaged designs, inspirational sentences

Pres page 1

Sheet 2 – Paper mock up, materials and samples for background

Pres page 2

Sheet 3 – Embroidered samples

Pres page 3

Sheet 4 – Pics of completed wall-hanging and found objects

Pres page 4


  1. Lovely record of all that work. Well done, Daniela

  2. I have just caught up with your posts,your wall hanging is stunning.It really captures the feel of the water.You must be so pleased,well done.What next?

    1. Hi Jen, thank you! Now on Diploma, with theme Masks. By the way Mask is the English translation of my surname so it's my destiny. What are you up to? Still on the Masterclass?

  3. It is so delightful to be able to understand all the thoughts and ideas that went into the making of your beautiful wall hanging.

    1. The difficult thing for me is trying to explain what I did. A good discipline though and it takes time and thought, and I tend to laziness ....