Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Two: Module 4 - More Grids (Chapter 3)

I have collected some grids to use for this Module on a booklet with mesh, net and grid samples glued or stitched to both sides, front and back.

I have also made some grids from scratch.
For this sample I cut a plastic bag into strips and fused them with an iron. I put the grid on some Solufleece and loosely machine stitched everything together.
For this other grid a cut a kitchen sponge cloth and weaved the strips together, then overstitched them. I dabbed acrylic colours on top to partially hide the pink.
This is another mesh made using the Solufleece method but laid flat instead of moulding it around a form.
Electric wire knitted on big needles:
In this sample I have built a very loose mesh by interlacing copper wire in a casual way. To create variations in colour I have briefly held the copper on a flame.
For these samples I used brass wire and knitted it on the round for a 3D result. This type of sample could also be flattened out and make a double grid perhaps with a third layer sandwiched in between or some wire or thread could be used to stitch/connect the two grids together (I am going to try this later on).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday One : Module 4 - Paper and grids

A promise is a promise, so this is my first Friday Post after Summer School. These are some coloured paper pulps ready for making new sheets next week. I shall put then in the freezer and take out as needed. The dyes do look so very strong but I know from past experience that they fade a lot when dry. And these are some grids I machined using the solufleece method learnt at Summer School. I left the first too dry flat and I moulded the other ones. I am thinking of using them later on in Module 4 for combining with paper.