Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chapter 9 - Stitchery into paper - Part 1

Back to work at last! I finally laid out all my media research for this Module, previous grid samples etc and looked closely to find inspiration for stitching on my paper plus fabrics from Chapter 8.

A big decision to take was which background to use to stitch on paper. I wished to preserve a light look with empty spots showing so I made up my mind for muslim as suggested by Sian and cut it back in places after sewing to reveal some areas.

For every sample I have included small pictures of the original paper plus fabric grid and one or more inspirational images from previous chapters.

In some samples I still used my first word of choice FUTURISM but in others I preferred to introduce new ones, BLOGGING and BLOGGING AWAY - like chatting away ... Some weeks ago when I was on the beach looking out at the waves I thought of those words, blogging away blogging away. And I suddenly knew this is going to be my topic for the final assessment piece of this Module!
So no work done but much thinking instead ...

Sample 1 - The paper strips that may be seen on the small picture on the bottom left fell off in most places under the heavy machine stitching

Sample 2

Sample 3 - The letters are of tissue paper

Sample 4
Sample 5
Sample 6
Sample 7
Sample 8 - The looseness of the sample at the bottom right made me think of Cretan stitch

Sample 9

Sample 10 - When I first made the paper sample at the bottom left it badly broke and I was left with three paper strips