Friday, January 25, 2008

Before getting on ...

Thinking about a practical way to keep all my cords together and bring them to next Summer School, I decided to use an insertion stitch and make a long felted cord mat. This is how it looks when rolled up with some cords peeping through. Some sort of spiral perhaps? (am I a little obsessed)
And this is not Module 3-related, it's an old collaged sheet from the Foundation Module (The Wall) ...
I'm using it as a base for my first tapestry. I placed my sheet on the back of the warp threads and I'm following the design (more or less)
This is a detail .
As Sian suggested, I think I'm going to use weaving in some parts of my Module (buttons perhaps and/or the resolved sample).

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Module 3 - Chapter 5 Cord Making (second part)

Twisted cords Sample 1 From left to right: Two thick cotton twisted cords, laid side by side - Chiffon strip, synthetic thread, wool thread - Chenille thread Sample 2 From left to right: Wool roven, golden fabric strip - Machined cord, curtain fabric strip - Three pearl cotton twisted cords, laid side by side Sample 3 From left to right: Tulle net, fantasy thread, copper wire - Fabric strip, cotton thread - Fabric strip, cotton thread - Tulle net, wool roven, hairy thread, ribbon - Raffia, machined cord Sample 4 From left to right: Woolen, synthetic threads - Machined cord - Felt strip, fantasy thread Wrapped cords Sample 1 From left to right: Fabric strip wrapped twice with gift ribbon and loosely machined cord - Machined cord made from gift paper and thread wrapped onto itself - Felt strip wrapped with copper wire and metallic thread - Machined cord from wool roven wrapped by machine with copper wire snippets - Machine wrapped drinking straws Sample 2 From left to right: Wool roven wrapped with cotton thread - Machined cords wrapped by machine stitching with snippets blocked in between - Crocheted chains wrapped together Sample 3 From left to right: Loosely machined cord wrapped with copper wire, chiffon wastes knotted - Two crocheted chains wrapped together Sample 4 From left to right: Machined cord wrapped with crocheted chain - Woll thread wrapped with twisted cord - Machined cords wrapped together

Monday, January 21, 2008

Module 3 - Chapter 5 Cord Making (first part)

Finally I had the time to assemble and scan all my cords! I must say I absolutely loved making cords and found them seriously addictive. I had a feeling you can never exhaust this subject ...
I made no photographs of single machine stitched cords since I incorporated them all in more complex ones. I thought I loved the idea of mounting them on self-dyed fabrics in my two chosen colours for this module (blue and yellow/orange), so I dyed some commercial felt and threw all of it in the washing machine in order to get a more "natural" textured look.
Knotted cords
Sample 1 - Simple knotted cords
From left to right:
twisted cords (pearl cottons) - machined cords (wrapped tulle net) - two simple machined cords side by side - loosely knotted machined cords (mousetail, tulle net, plastic string) - machined strips of scarves
Sample 2 - Half knot cords
Sample 3 - A simple half knot cord and two wrapped pipe cleaners
The pipe cleaners hark back to last summer school (Maggie's workshop)
Sample 4 - Half hitch knot cords
Sample 5 - Another set of half hitch knot cords
Sample 6 - Half hitch and Turks head knots
I think it took me a good whole day to figure out the Turks knot! I only managed when I fixed pins on a hard surface and looped my cords around them.
Plaited cords

Sample 1 - Four-strand plaits
From left to right:
A B B A (wool threads) - A B A B (wood thread, fabric, pearl cotton) - A B B A (machined cords, fantasy thread)

Sample 2 - Four-strand plaits
From left to right:
A A B B (flat ribbons, metallic thread) - Spiral braid A B B A (wool thread) - A B B A (machined cords, cotton threads)
Sample 3 - Three-strand plaits
From left to right:
A B A (twisted cords, wool thread) - A B C (cotton threads) - A B A (fabric, machined cords) - A B C (machined cords)
Sample 4 - Various plaits
From left to right:
6-strand plait, loosely braided (cotton threads) - 5-strand plait A B C D E (cotton threads) - A B C (machined cords, beaded thread) - A A A (machined cords with knotted wastes of fantasy thread)