Thursday, December 1, 2011



I have finally put together my group of tactile samples!
From top to bottom and from left to right:

1 Zigzag gathering over a string – Habotai silk
2 Furrowing – Synthetic velvet
3 Wadded quilting – Habotai silk
4 Darts – Woven linen
5 Hand gathering – Cotton canvas
6 Wadded quilting – Habotai silk
7 Partially seamed tucks – Habotai silk
8 Snipped tucks – Habotai silk
9 Cross-tacked tucks – Habotai silk
10 Tucks set with a stay - Cheesecloth
11 Criss-crossing pintucks – Curtain net
12 Hand-gathered fabric strips, stitched together - Muslim
13 Blind tucks – Synthetic net
14 Cording – Tulle net
15 Irregular hand gathering – Kunin felt
16 Padded quilting – Woven cotton
17 Wadded quilting – Fleece padding and tulle net
18 Wadded quilting – String lengths and tulle net
19 Hand gathering with loose wool thread, loops cut and knotted
20 Wadded quilting with rose tea blossoms
21 Padded quilting with ties
22 Blind tucks, then slashed open – Synthetic felt
23 Slashed pintucks - Cheesecloth
24 Contoured tucks – Cotton net

And a couple of more detailed views:

detail 1
detail 4


  1. Fantastic group of samples. Exciting.

  2. These are absolutely fantastic - wonderful textures.

  3. You can almost feel the different textures.What a fabulous group.

  4. i love these samples but want to reach in and touch them! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  5. What a wonderful collection there's such a variety.
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog glad you liked my choice of artists.

  6. thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment as it brought me here.. I love textures and natural fibers.. and yours is wonderful.

  7. Wow! This is incredible. Fabulous work!

  8. Saw this on Pinterest. Wonderful textures!

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  10. Stumbled upon this on pinterest - it makes me want to give these textures a try myself.

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