Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Still working on the background

Again I’m sorry for the very bad quality of the images, but it’s still dark and rainy and I want to record what I’ve done so far before getting on.

I’ve been adding some more embroidery plus various bits and pieces to my background, like momigami treated papers and dyed cheesecloth. I left the edges still basically unstitched and ‘empty’ since I wish to be able to insert new elements at a later stage.

Now that the background is more or less developed I’m going to switch my attention from the whole to the single pages and see what becomes of them! I think at this point I have to fold up my book and consider how it looks in 3D. I will also have to decide what to do with the edges and the spines … I have a fairly clear idea of how the book is going to look in the end but I’d like to keep an open mind to new inputs.   
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Developing the background

I had the feeling that the Lutradur in two layers was still not rigid enough, so I slipped craft Vilene squares in all the sixteen pages which were still open both at the top and the bottom. Now my book is much more stable when folded up.
I have started fixing the three layers together – the Lutradur sandwich with Vilene in between – by loosely machine stitching in a calligraphic way.
I am sorry for the bad quality of the photos but it keeps raining and the light is really poor! Assessment stage 2-1 Assessment stage 2-2 Assessment stage 2-4Assessment stage 2-3