Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 8 - Grids Embedded in Paper

I spent a couple of hours yesterday playing with grids, water and paper pulp and getting more and more nervous since all samples looked very dark and ugly, pulp colours were absolutely dreadful and I seemed to have no control on my samples whatsoever. I laid all of them out to dry on a balcony - and to get them out of my sight - and ... SURPRISE! ... this morning colours were paler and nicer, grids and papers did look better together. So here they are before getting some stitching on them ...

For Samples 1 to 5 I used the grids shown in the first image of my latest post, for Samples 6 to 10 the grids are those from the second one.
Some samples are shown from front and back, meaning by front the side on which paper pulp is applied, others only from what I believe is their better side, but of course this could change with the addition of stitching later.
Sample 1
This is some green lining slit and slashed, with paper pulp applied to the back

Sample 2
This grid was prepared by cutting holes and withdrawing threads from a self-dyed fabric, greenish paper pulp was laid down in strips

Sample 3 - back

Sample 3 - front
These are two plastic fruit nets partially fused using an iron and then dumped in the paper vat

Sample 4 - back

Sample 4 - front
For the background grid I used a restaurant paper mat - it looks a bit like craft non woven tissues, I drew some letters with a soldering iron, coloured it with acrylic washes. After cutting it up I used paper pulp in strips to connect the three pieces

Sample 5 - back

Sample 5 - front
The grid is a cheap floor-cloth with threads displaced. I think the back looks more interesting than the front but who knows what will happen to it in due time ...

Sample 6
Lining with paper pulp peeking through holes from front to back

Sample 7 - back

Sample 7 - front
Metal mosquito net distressed and slashed in places

Sample 8
I used a combination of grids for this sample, a green papery one and a self-dyed with square holes. The paper pulp binds them together

Sample 9
Plastic mosquito net with letters cut plus a very thin paper layer

Sample 10 - front



Sample 10 - back
Acombination of paper tissue and metal mesh with the addition of  paper pulp

This is going to be my last post before summer holidays since we are leaving Rome on Sunday. I think we are practically the only Roman family left in town, all around us just tourists and tourists ...
Happy holidays to everyone!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chapter 8 - Getting Grids Ready ...

Just a couple of images before these grids take a plunge in paper pulp ...