Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Embroidered Panel Finished!!

At last my embroidered panel is finished! h ere are some pics of the cover, the whole strutture seen f rom different views plus some macro pictures which took me HOURS to get fixed. Tomorrow will follow the explanatory and technical notes on the blog book (I'm writing on my husband's Ipad and I fin d it really difficult to tame this virtual keyboard ...)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Almost there …



Now the structure and background of my book of blogging are almost ready: some pages have been cut out in the centre to act as frames to other ones. The frame edges are left with threads undone while the page edges are reinforced with a purpose made cord. In my intention the embroidered panel is made up by the whole structure, so the single pages are variations of the same theme. Here follow some pics of the fold book before adding the last details.

book1 book13bookprimopiano

These are the elements to be added, still in the making.

On a twisted copper core threads have been machine wrapped.  bookrame

I had already prepared block letters to be appliqu├ęd but after much trying and moving about I decided they really did not fit in. I put them aside and came up with whole words in italics which seem to flow much better on the pages.  



This is the fishing line I used in my mock up together with a cord. In the mock up the fishing line had been added to the cord which kept the pages together. But the cord looked visually heavy in the air, so I used it to underline and reinforce the page edges and am considering to link the pages with the fishing line instead. I would like to make a dense web of lines going in and out the pages representing the connections in the blogosphere.


But of course the most important thing now is TO GET FINISHED!!!!!!!