Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Module Five – Chapter Three – TEXTURE AND RELIEF IN PAPER

I have chosen six images from my collection of rusted metals for translating and interpreting them in my selected papers.
Before each ‘translation’ I have added the photo that has inspired it.


For this first sample I have used finely crumpled baby-oiled tissue paper for the background and on it draught paper, Chinese mulberry paper and non oiled tissue paper.

Sample ONE (see image on the bottom right in photo above)Sample ONE

Sample TWO is a translation of image on the bottom left above. Its background is made up from large strips of packaging paper with the addition of fluffy Oriental papers ‘exploding’ from between the strips.

 Sample TWO
Sample TWO

Sample THREE shows patches of different papers folded into flat irregular ‘boxes’ and glued on the background of freckled Japanese paper torn at the edges.

 Sample THREE (images on top, left and right)
Sample THREE

 Sample FOUR
Foto UNO

For Sample FOUR I first rolled up thin paper cylinders and placed different types of papers on and among them.

Sample FOUR

 Sample FIVE
sample 1 bis

This sample is in low relief. The little ‘worms’ are made by irregular rolls of tissue paper.

Sample FIVE

 Sample SIX

Another low relief sample. For the darker area I used the inner soft layer of make-up remover pads and strengthened it by free machining loops in black on top. On the white area I used cotton bud tips.

Sample SIX diurno

Sample SIX - ‘Day’ view
The sample shown lying on the table.

Sample SIX notturno

Sample SIX - ‘Night’ view
The same sample is held up against a window to show the light coming through its small holes.