Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chapter 7 - New Grids

At last a new post from me! I'm resuming work on my Module after five months of interruption and I'm still wrapped in grids ...
I tried to work quickly and freely with my new samples without thinking too much, I only wanted to experiment different methods of forming grids and make some attempts at them.

Sample 1

This grid is synthetic felt dyed and machine-washed, with rows of long holes slashed, then felt bridges were cut and let free to move. Strips of yarn and fabrics woven in and out.

Sample 2

Heavy felt with calligraphic melted holes - I used my lettering patterns from Chapter 2. The edges were cut following letter lines. Some letters of FUTUR were redrawn in red yarn wrapped in green and are echoed by machine stitching. 

 Sample 3

For this one I used my soldering iron to melt holes in a synthetic furnishing fabric. Interestingly enough only weft threads were burnt whereas warps are still there. Threads and fabrics stitched in some areas.

Sample 4
Another "melted" sample. This felt melt like butter! Very free threading in and out of ribbons, jute etc.

Sample 5

Melted holes in synthetic velvet. Holes have a dark halo around them which feels like plastic. 
Sample 6

The background for this sample was made as for sample 1, but bridges were not cut. Background was divided into two parts which were loosely reconnected using thin yarns in two different greens.

Sample 7

A curtain like leftover was slashed with a cutter. Ripples are created by threading a copper wire in loose loops. A dyed and embroidered fabric strip is used to add further loops in a contrasting material.

Sample 8

This grid was made thinking of jewellery connections. I made some "chain elements" and "soldered" them using a stapler.