Thursday, February 21, 2013

Module SIX – Chapter 6 - CUTWORK

In this Chapter inspiration is taken from water or sky collaged designs from Chapter TWO and translated into fabric samples using a cutwork technique. Each cutwork sample is followed by a detailed view of an area.


Sample ONE 2

Water design

Background is dyed lining fabric with three layers of fabric. The dark “rocks” are reinforced with blocks of dense stitching.

Sample 1

Sample 1 detail


Sample NINE 2

Water design

Ripples in the silk background are made through stitching, two other layers are applied, the dark one is cut, the frothy light blue chiffon is frayed.

Sample 2

Sample 2 detail


Sample TEN 3

Sky design

The background is light felt, three other layers on top, the last one is an old thick sweater brushed with acrylic.

Sample 3

Sample 3 detail


Sample SIX 2

Water design

For this last sample I chose another water collage and on its light felt background three other layers of very thin fabrics are stitched

Sample 4

Sample 4 detail