Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Four: New Papers

No big progress this week, only new paper samples. I feel that with paper making the learning curve is steep, it takes time to try out the different techniques and to produce decent samples (if at all). But it's fun - and messy. This is an attempt at a fringed sample. I like the idea but this first one did not come out as I wanted. Colours are dull and I peeled my threads back too soon. I shall try again. Embedding with wires and wire mesh
For this sample I embedded one of my Solufleece grids from Summer School into a newly formed sheet of paper. The glue in the Solufleece made the paper stronger, so this might be a good idea to use again.
These are rough attempts at embossing paper. Another technique to try again in the future
And finally a try at a simple collage with coloured paper pulps. I used thin strips of card to create sections on the mesh and spooned pulps into them. As you can see from the sample some areas tend to separate on the edges.
Perhaps the pulps were too dry when filled in and/or the pulps out of the liquidizer were not smooth enough. Another possibility would be to couch a first sheet of paper and pour the coloured pulps onto it. I think this might work and improve overall adherence.