Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Resolved sample plus

On looking back at all work produced for this Module my attention was caught by this low relief 3D design idea in dyed papers. After my work- and labour-intensive neckpiece I longed for something easy and relaxing to do, in a happy-go-lucky mood. I chose this variegated dyed piece of cloth and freely sew it on some muslim.
These are some cut up strips of monoprinted fabrics prepared back in Chapter 3 that have been pinned down in loose spirals in preparation for stitching:
The strips sewn on with the thread ends still showing:
I have now added some beads and hand stitching:
I inserted some simple toggle buttons under the "bridges" formed by the fabric strips and then added some acrylic painted leather scraps:
Some more leather decorations, and different types of threads stitched in loops on top. As a last thought I "wrapped" an orange and a variegated thread around a slightly off-centre leather bead and towards the four corners of the sample to create a focus.
I finally backed the sample with a soft machine-boiled blue felt. The sample measures 27 x 24 cms.
A different view
And now let's start work on Module Four!!!