Monday, February 11, 2008

Module 3 - Chapter 6 Simple Tassels (part 1)

My first attempts at tassels. I mainly worked by hand, in some cases I first formed the neck by machine and further embellished my tassel. Lacking in finger ability, I tried to make up for it by varying materials to my heart's content! Here is a first couple. On the left a simple machined tassel, neck wrapped by a cord leftover and skirt knotted here and there. On the right a head knotted several times over with fabric scraps added in between knots. Tassels 1 Two other tassels: On the left several yarns zigzagged together, forming a bow as a head and a multi-coloured thread wrapping a very long neck. On the right a fancy yarn sewn by machine, folded over to make the head, empty head stuffed with more yarn and addition of touches of colour to skirt. Tassels 2 On the left a tassel with head consisting of smaller tassels with hanging loop formed by a piece of twisted cord. On the right a tassel with beads and a cord finished off by a Turks' head knot. Tassels 3 And my last two tassels for now. On the left a skirt made from chain stitching with my overlocker, neck further embellished with pearls and lace scraps. On the right a machined tassel using rat tail and leftovers from machined cords. Tassels 4 Further tassels to come whenever they get ready!