Monday, March 3, 2008

Three new tassels

For these new tassels I tried to think of materials other than threads to make tassels.
This first sample looks like a jellyfish to me. For the skirt I cut up some plastic see-through straws in pastel shades and threaded them like bugles with some real beads in between as colour accents.
For the head I rescued a Christmas decoration, dabbed it in gold here and there and added other beads to create a visual link with the skirt.

This other sample was rather fun to make. After using crochet chains for wrapped cords I thought I could use them also for tassels, but this time I wanted to try a metal wire. I chose a 0.2 mm copper wire and crocheted a very long chain with plastic beads every five or more stitches.
I then fixed the neck with strips of metal foil coloured on the gas stove and passed through a crimper, a technique learnt at last year summer school workshop with Maggie Grey.

For this third sample I made up pompons in different sizes (I used the biggest one for the head), prepared a good number of felted beads plus some small tassels and bits of dyed fabrics. It was a rather long but rewarding process.
I then threaded everything on long wool yarns and made up the tassel.