Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chapter 6 - Drawn Thread Work Stitchery / Part 2

Three more samples. In this one I wanted a very lacy effect, so I outlined squarish shapes with light zigzag machining in different shades of green and red and dotted it in spots with knots In this one I made a central ridge with tucks held alternatively down to opposite sides by green bars in satin stitch. Under the loops thus formed I weaved a variegated colour ribbon as an accent. On the far sides I machined cords with withdrawn threads and knotted them together to make a wavy pattern
And this is my final sample for this Chapter: it includes much weaving in and out and wrapping the three main bands thus formed with further sheer fabric strips and a metallic thread in dark green. This sample is very soft and fluffy at the touch

Chapter 6 - Drawn Thread Work Stitchery / Part 1

In this first sampler I tried out some stitches on groups of threads withdrawn only in one direction. Lines from top to bottom: - hem stitch in green and pink - ribbon simply woven in and out - overcast bars - herringbone stitch: on such a loosely woven cloth this stitch turns out quite irregular - three alternating woven ribbons - groups of threads wrapped and linked - irregular needleweaving effects - needleweaving in pairs - weaving in and out - buttonhole stitch This second sampler shows diagonal stitching. From left to right: - ribbon knotted - needleweaving - fabric strip torn and threaded - satin stitch - Russian stitch in two colours and in opposite directions
After these first attemps I had fun making some samples. In the first one I used only diagonal stitching of different kinds: simple irregular hand weaving, satin stitch and lines of dense machine stitching. I like the effect of distortion and puckering created by machining.
In this second sample I tried to form F and X letters (not very readable!) through stitching and used machine zigzag lines to give more strength to the fabric
This third sample was worked very freely, my aim was to obtain a rich texture. I made very loose knots with strips of the same fabric and green ribbon over a very open grid.