Thursday, December 13, 2012


I add eight more samples based on other drawings from Chapter 1. As before I have enlarged the drawings to see all minute marks and placed them before embroidered samples.
This time I have left my sample photos uncut to show the undulating or irregular shapes fabrics take after embroidering.

Foto 5 dis 1
 SAMPLE NINE (approximately 13 x 13 cm)
The background is dyed woven linen and has   been machine embroidered in zigzag whip stitch with heavy distortion and puckering of the fabric.

Sample 9 bis

Foto 5 dis 2
 SAMPLE 10 (around 11 x 11 cm)
This background is three layered: muslim on the back for support, bluish cheesecloth as a middle layer and a flimsy white cotton weave on top. Wool yarns were fixed on it with free zigzag, the white top layer was slashed in several spots to show the blue underneath and freely oversewn in zigzag stitch.

Sample 10 bis

Foto 5 dis 3
 SAMPLE 11 (around 13 x 16 cm)
The gauze was covered in blocks of free satin stitches which formed holes in the fabric and heavily distorted it.
I did my best with the photo but details show badly despite all my efforts. 

Sample 11 bis

Foto 6 dis 1
 SAMPLE 12 (approximately 10 x 10 cm)
Habotai silk is colour stained and double-layered and gives a light quilted effect. Chiffon strips are attached on top, round shapes are in cable stitch and whip stitch.

Sample 12 bis

Foto 7 dis 1
 SAMPLE 13 (18 x 13 cm)
A layer of tulle net was fixed in stripes on a background of very transparent chiffon (I used Romeo film as a stabilizer). Stripes are set by free zigzagging.

Sample 13 bis

Foto 7 dis 2
 SAMPLE 14 (about 9 x 11 cm)
Whip stitch and free straight stitch on  brushed rayon.

Sample 14 bis

Foto 8 dis 1
 SAMPLE 15 (around 15 x 12 cm)
Acrylic fabric on a white cloth with scrim stripes sewn. Acrylic slashed. Free straight stitch and whip stitch.

Sample 15 bis

Foto 8 dis 2
 SAMPLE 16 (around 13 x 13 cm)
Cable stitch in straight and zigzag variations on heavy dyed acrylic felt.

Sample 16 bis