Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chapter 7 - Wrapped Frames

I loved making grids by wrapping frames with threads and other materials! It's such a quick and efficient method of producing "fabrics". For my frame I chose to work with a simple bent clothes hanger since it can be easily reshaped in many different ways according to one's needs. My colours for this module are basically shades of red and green with touches of pinky/violet and yellowish based on my research material. All samples measure approximately 10-15 cms on each side. This first sample is quite rude and rough with no machine stitching. Green tee shirt strips have been wrapped in one direction only and are fixed in the other direction by knotting. What I find interesting in even such a simple sample is that by binding different groups of strips it's possible to obtain holes or gaps of smaller or greater size.
In this second sample the airy thread is wrapped in both directions and bonded by machine satin stitching and strengthened by copper wire. The orange ribbon thread is wrapped to form simple letters F U T R
This sample is more substantial and strong. The red chenille and the purple synthetic threads have been wrapped in one direction only. The green ribbon is wrapped in the opposite direction and the multicolour thread is needle woven. All in all this grid is quite flexible and compact.
This one was fun! It includes only wrapping, knotting and hand stitching and is quite elastic and textured.
This is rigid, thanks to a lot of machine stitching. The pink strips form very rudimentary letters , the main "body" of the sample is made up by green chiffon strips. The wrapping follows three directions (green - purple - pink)
For this one a thin green thread was densely wrapped in two directions. The fancy thread is fragile and it's used to add interest. Heavy machining bonds everything together. As a last addition embroidery machine threads in lighter colours (green and pink) form simple F F F