Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chapter 11 – Proposal for embroidered panel

This is my proposal for an embroidered panel at the end of Module 4. The inspiration for it comes from the idea of blogging with its network of interlinked pages – it looks to me that the book form is very suitable to express this concept!
My proposal takes the form of a maze book with three cuts and sixteen pages from a single sheet of light cardboard. I started folding a square of green cardboard (48 x 48 cm) in quarters lengthwise and crosswise and made three parallel cuts, thus obtaining sixteen square pages of 12 cm each.
Some pages are left intact, others are cut at the centre to work as frames for the adjoining pages, still others are empty pages with grids. Threads, booklets, etc are fixed to the full pages and can be seen and protrude through the frames.
I have decorated the pages with pieces of paper and other small items just to develop first ideas of how the finished item might look. This mock-up is nothing final and the embroidered item will certainly look different.
Perhaps I could add other elements, threads or whatever, to the top edges of the final assessment pages but it is still too early to know.
For the final embroidered item I am thinking of using a somewhat larger sheet of pelmet vilene to act as support – the pages could be a bit larger, perhaps 15 or 16 cm each -  and of covering it on both sides with collaged layers based on my samples for this module …

 This is a general view of my mock-up from front cover backwards. In front a small sample showing how the mock-up is folded.

 Flat view – front or main side
There is really no front or back side for the book since all pages are visible when the book is folded. The main view is simply the side of the flat view in which all pages are to be decorated or embroidered.

 Flat view – back side
On the reverse side some pages are left empty since when the book is folded these pages are hidden from view 
This is how the front cover looks when the mock-up is folded flat: the threads on page three are jotting out through page one which acts as a frame

The back cover of the mock up

Some more detailed views of single pages of the mock-up in cardboard




  1. Hi Daniela, this looks wonderful! You are going to have fun making this!

  2. Fabulous progression of your final piece. I love all the intricate little details you've created, it looks very exciting, looking forward to seeing you move it on into textiles.