Thursday, April 17, 2008

The long way from tassels to buttons

More than one month went by since my last upload! But I've been working behind the scenes or more or less so. After much wondering about a way to present my tassels I came up with a structure that is light enough to travel with me on the plane to Bristol. It will have to be checked in since I don't believe I could convince airport personnel that it's not a weapon of some kind. It's made in wire, it's rather rough and basic but can be bent and folded on itself with all tassels attached. Tassels will probably come out a bit bruised from my baggage and will certainly need some attention. And here they are! The photos are really bad and I hope something can be made out of them. After making this structure I went off track for a couple of weeks and ventured into the dangerous realms of wire and made experiments with crocheted and wrapped jewelry etcetera and obviously felt terribly guilty about it. But every C&G student knows that there are temptations out there and everywhere.
I finally got down to assemble all my materials for making buttons. Beside rather obvious choices there are some improbable ones, like a couple of contact lense cases, old eye powder containers, a kitchen basin strainer, an ear plug box and caps and lids of forgotten objects.

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  1. What an ingenious way to travel and display your tassels. Another way could have been to attach the tassels to your coat and seen what the airport officails said about that!

    Best wishes