Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buttons - Part One

This an overall view of my buttons so far. It includes simple and complex shapes and Dorset buttons. Sample 1 (left): Empty oval cardboard wrapped, with pompon fitted in the central hole. Sample 2 (right): irregular shape covered with self-dyed boiled felt.
Sample 3 (left): Three hand-felted "stones" overlapped and made in a package.
Sample 4 (right): Composed shape of triangle with monoprinted fabric and hand-felted "stone" with felted ears attached.
Sample 5 (left): composed shape of flat form and small circular shape, hand-felted slice fixed on the edge
Sample 6 (right): cord sewn around self-dyed fabric
Sample 7 (left): monoprinted fabric with wrapped wire and long-neck machine tassel attached
Sample 8 (top right): wrapped tube with painted wooden wheels at the ends
Sample 9 (bottom right): monoprinted and embroidered fabric
Sample 10 (top left): square cardboard shape wrapped with hole filled in by embossed copper shim, padded underneath
Sample 11 (top right): self-dyed fabric with Christmas decorations and wire
Sample 12 (bottom): Suffolk puff with wire wastes making a central button, laid upon crimpled wiremesh
Sample 13 (left): a toy wheel with spikes woven with three different threads
Sample 14 (right): a traditional Dorset button
Sample 15 (left): a composite Dorset button with large ring in the centre surrounded by 8 smaller rings, fixed and wrapped together
Sample 16 (right): a ring made by twisted wire, crocheted wire centre, wrapped in thread


  1. Daniela, I love your buttons, especially the one with ears! You are so inspired.

  2. Some of these buttons wouldn't look out of place in a Salvador Dali painting! Love them!

    Best wishes

  3. Groovy buttons - I was going to pick out a couple of favourites but after 5 minutes of scrolling up and down I've decided I like them all too much to choose.