Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Module SIX – Chapter 11 – Trial layers for my wall-hanging

First attempts at my wall-hanging. To get a general idea of how several layers could work together, I coloured and prepared a good number of pieces of cocoon stripping, soya bean and horticultural fleece ‘fabrics’. They are without any further decoration or embellishment except for the samples I stitched in the last few days which I added to see how they look.

I formed three layers and let them hang down freely from a broom stick, letting them flow in the air at some distance from each other – around an inch. The inner layer is dark green to get a feeling of depth, the external ones are in mixed colours in imitation of the changing shades of the water.

Stage 1 dueStage 1 treStage 1

Sorry for the bad quality of my pictures, it's already too dark inside.


  1. This is looking superb, Daniela, the colours and textures are superb and I would imagine that it moves beautifully in a light breeze.

  2. This looks absolutely fantastic Daniela, I love the colors as well as the texture.

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