Monday, July 25, 2011

Sumer sketchbook Day 4 – Personalised ground and ‘learning your lines’

I’m lagging behind, but task after task I’m slowly following Sian’s race!
For today I prepared a monoprinted ground with yellow and lime green thinking of my lemons and sliced these up for a change. As a marker I used a biro this time. My monoprint was an attempt to suggest lemon inner small lines.
Many slices …
Day 4 one
And just one HUGE slice …
Day 4 two


  1. Oh wow these are just wonderful,you seem to be getting freer with each new task.

  2. These are great Daniela - they really give an essecnce of lemon.

  3. These look very exciting and energetic -- only on Day 3, I've some catching up to do.

  4. Hi Daniela
    I just found your blog from a link on Sian's Stitch Loop blog. How wonderful that I've found someone else doing the same C&G course as me. I just started Module 1 last week and haven't posted anything on my blog yet ( but am very near to finishing my first composite page and will post that when it's done. I'm going to follow your lovely blog to give me inspiration when I flag!