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Chapter Twelve – Study Three Artists

For Module Four I had to study three artists who use paper as a medium or lettering as a design theme in their work: Lois Walpole, Cas Holmes and a third artist of my choice.
Due to copyright considerations, I am including only images that are already on the Web and for each one of them I add the photo source.

LOIS WALPOLE, British artist and basket-maker
Photo source:

Lois Walpole is a leading and influential artist in contemporary basket making. Trained as a sculptor, she uses traditional basket making techniques in very innovative and imaginative ways.
She only works with self-grown, found or recycled items like card, plastic bags, bottle tops, fruit nets, wires and many others.
She is also a well-known teacher, a lecturer, and runs workshops in her own studio in Charmé, France.
She has published several books on basketry, her latest being “Inspiration for Looping and Coiling”
Personal web site:
loisallowed3      Photo source:

CAS HOLMES,  British textile and mixed media artist
This is Cas running a workshop at Distant Stitch Summer School in 2008. Behind her two DS students, Stephanie and Lesley (Photo source:
Cas Holmes is a renowned artist who employs old textiles, recycled papers and discarded or found items to create complex and very poetic multi-layered pieces using low-tech and sustainable techniques.
She exhibits widely and is a teacher at the West Dean College in West Sussex.
In 2010 she published a ravishingly wonderful and inspirational book “The Found Object in Textile Art” in which she explains her methods of working and suggests ways and processes to use found objects in one’s own works to create personally meaningful items.
To know more about her or see her works, please see:
Personal web sites: and

Photo credits: and

PABLO LEHMANN, paper sculptor from Argentina, born in 1975
As my third artist to study I chose a very interesting paper sculptor from Buenos Aires, Pablo Lehmann, whom I discovered while surfing the Web.
Lehmann creates exquisite paper sculptures from existing books, intricate cut-outs of torn pages, and transforms words in wonderful images and three-dimensional items.
On his website I found an interesting article in Spanish about him: El texto esculpido (the sculpted text), published in “Arte al Limite” magazine.
For more images please see his personal website:

Photo source:
Photo source:
Photo source:

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