Monday, October 12, 2009

Friday Five: Laminating Experiment (I know, I know it's Monday)

At the end of an absolutely frantic September I finally recovered the time and nerve to get back to my attic and resume my papery attempts. I had small quantities of paper pulps in different shades left over from previous experiments still waiting for me in the freezer, so I thought, why not make use of what I already have and make a very thick laminated sheet . Easier said than done: it took me two hours to laminate sheet over sheet and two weeks to have it bone dry with the help of all the sun I could get under my Roman sky which is much. The final thickness was over two centimetres and my A5 supersheet was light and felt a lot like wood! This is how it looked like: I said it looked like because it doesn't exist any more as such. I cut it into smaller pieces of different shapes and sizes by means of a jeweller's saw and finished each of them with sandpaper. Thanks to their laminated edges they look like booklets, but funny ones since it's impossible to open them. I played with different arrangements, flat, on the edge, overlapping them, and took photos. Here follow some examples. Perhaps these small unopenable books might find a place in the final piece for this Module. I'm thinking of ways to do this ...


  1. Great idea to put pulps in the freezer. I must try it. I'd left some pulp for a few days (life got in the way) and the paper I made from it was a bit smelly so had to throw it out.

  2. Hi Daniela,
    What a wacky idea - unopenable books - how about sticking them to a faux bookshelf so you can't remove them either!
    great stuff

  3. They look good enough to eat,a bit like liquorice allsorts!

  4. I'm seconding Jenn's comment about liquorice allsorts. I like the idea of decorative books, the layers are really effective.

  5. They reminded me of rhubarb - when it's cut up into chunks ready for a pie or crumble! They look great Daniela.

  6. Any chance of threading your paper blocks into a necklace and matching bracelet?
    best wishes