Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday One : Module 4 - Paper and grids

A promise is a promise, so this is my first Friday Post after Summer School. These are some coloured paper pulps ready for making new sheets next week. I shall put then in the freezer and take out as needed. The dyes do look so very strong but I know from past experience that they fade a lot when dry. And these are some grids I machined using the solufleece method learnt at Summer School. I left the first too dry flat and I moulded the other ones. I am thinking of using them later on in Module 4 for combining with paper.


  1. Hi Daniela...your grids look amazing, makes me want to play around some more now my bag is finished! Thanks for the lovely comments on it I'm pleased it's done....just waiting to see what Sian thinks. Always enjoy looking at your designs, so keep it up along with all your other crafts!! Maggie

  2. Wow Daniela, these pictures are lovely. You'll have a great time using these grids, the paper will look amazing. Look forward to next friday!
    love Paula

  3. Love the colours ,almost good enough to eat!
    The grids are so different from each other ,I love the "line taken for a walk" and the top one .The door behind looks pretty special too.Hope we get some of your sun soon,it's tipped down for hours and hours.
    Jenn x

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  5. Hi Daniela - wow, it all looks fabulous and exciting. It will be really great if lots of us post work on a Friday.
    Kathryn x

  6. Hi Daniela,
    lovely grids - can't wait to see them used. Sorry to have missed saying goodbye.
    Doing overdue housework and thinking a lot but no sewing - boohoo

  7. last comment was Hazel - not my husband Stephen!!!

  8. Daniela - Lovely paper pulps and a fantastic idea of putting them into the freezer. Not sure I would get away with this as my boys would probably think they were a delicious new flavour of icecream! Missing you