Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beads - Part One (Module 3 - Chapter 8)

To my collection of traditional beads for this chapter like sequins, rocailles etc I added some beads from sundry materials and others made from scratch and coloured to match my colour scheme for this module. Here is a selection, from top to bottom and from left to right: First row: plastic hair fastener coloured and cut up - gizmoed copper wire - wiremesh - polystyrene chunks Second row: coloured leather - mosaic glass tiles - plastic straws - washers Third row: these are pieces of coloured polyester films I used for monoprinting my fabrics for chapter 3 - fire-coloured copper foils - plastic bag And here is my bead sampler. I used a self-dyed silk as a background and my idea was to sew beads in a wave pattern but I doubt these waves can still be seen. Below is a general view followed by more detailed views taken from each corner.

I'm afraid my edging and trapped bead samples will be ready only after summer school since in these last few days I'm trying to collect my ideas for an accessory and be able to discuss them with Sian, hopefully ...


  1. Sorry if I made you feel guilty!
    Beautiful bead sampler - I thoroughly enjoyed making mine, did you?

  2. I have been looking at the Cas Holmes materials list and see we have to bring plastic lidded boxes. Will this be a problem for you? I have plenty of empty washing powder boxes I have been saving to use when dyeing, will be happy to throw them in the boot when packing the car on Sunday if you would like some.

    Best wishes

  3. a beautiful bead sampler mary
    have a great week ahead!