Monday, May 19, 2008

Buttons - Part Two (Toggles)

Before tackling fibers I tried out basic toggle shapes in strips of my coloured papers. After these first attemps I gave it a try in fabric and produced some samples. Sample 1 - Felt toggle (11 cm) Self-dyed boiled felt, edged with irregular stitches and beading and one big acrylic drop hanging from the middle.
Samples 2 and 3 - Tower toggles (both 8 cm)
For the sample on the left I used strips of different dyed fabrics and a crown of bugle beads,
while the second one was edged with free scalloping stitches and has a head made by a bought Chinese knot.
Sample 4 - The wiry one (14 cm)
For this sample I wrapped some dyed paper silk I still had from Summer School in 2006 (remember?) around some spiky fibers I found in a mattress shop, which I dabbed in golden acrylic at the ends to make a sort of "beading". The copper wire has two different thicknesses and I obtained the spiralling by means of a gizmo device.
Sample 5 - The jolly sample (21 cm)
This was made for fun by wrapping and trapping fabric strips, felt, yarns and other small bits around a painted wooden skewer which I left as a core.

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  1. I love these toggles - they are such fun. Well done you. See you soon. Julie