Monday, March 3, 2008

Three new tassels

For these new tassels I tried to think of materials other than threads to make tassels.
This first sample looks like a jellyfish to me. For the skirt I cut up some plastic see-through straws in pastel shades and threaded them like bugles with some real beads in between as colour accents.
For the head I rescued a Christmas decoration, dabbed it in gold here and there and added other beads to create a visual link with the skirt.

This other sample was rather fun to make. After using crochet chains for wrapped cords I thought I could use them also for tassels, but this time I wanted to try a metal wire. I chose a 0.2 mm copper wire and crocheted a very long chain with plastic beads every five or more stitches.
I then fixed the neck with strips of metal foil coloured on the gas stove and passed through a crimper, a technique learnt at last year summer school workshop with Maggie Grey.

For this third sample I made up pompons in different sizes (I used the biggest one for the head), prepared a good number of felted beads plus some small tassels and bits of dyed fabrics. It was a rather long but rewarding process.
I then threaded everything on long wool yarns and made up the tassel.


  1. Wow - Daniella these are really funky!! I think you are really enjoying this part of the module - and I am enjoying visiting your blog most days now to check whether you've made any more!

  2. Hi Daniela, I love these tassels - especially the jellyfish one!

  3. Thinking outside the box! Wonderful - favourite one has to be the crocheted metal.

  4. These are fantastic. I love the straw one. Yet again you have inspired me!

  5. Hi Daniela, love the delicacy of the jellyfish and the colours of the pom-poms.

  6. Hi Daniela, love the delicacy of the jellyfish and the colours of the pom-poms.

  7. Thanks for leaving a message on the Bead Sampler post. The sampler would look good as a bag but I have attached it to an embroidery ring for support and intend to hang it on the wall once Sian has seen it.

    Hope you are well and coursework is coming along. It's April now and it will be July all too soon!!!! I will be amazed if I complete this module in 12 months.
    Best wishes