Friday, January 25, 2008

Before getting on ...

Thinking about a practical way to keep all my cords together and bring them to next Summer School, I decided to use an insertion stitch and make a long felted cord mat. This is how it looks when rolled up with some cords peeping through. Some sort of spiral perhaps? (am I a little obsessed)
And this is not Module 3-related, it's an old collaged sheet from the Foundation Module (The Wall) ...
I'm using it as a base for my first tapestry. I placed my sheet on the back of the warp threads and I'm following the design (more or less)
This is a detail .
As Sian suggested, I think I'm going to use weaving in some parts of my Module (buttons perhaps and/or the resolved sample).


  1. Because of the nature of our course we have to "think out of the box" when finding ways to store and send our work. This spiral wrap of cords is just the way of acheive this. I'm sure it will fit in the suitcase!

  2. Hi Daniela, I really enjoyed making cords and it looked like you did too! Please post a picture of your tapestry when you have finished it, I would love to see it.

  3. Hi Daniela,
    I love the pictures of the tapestry and the cords. It really comes through how much you are enjoying this - and makes me desperate to get on and get to these parts of the course. They look great. Keep up the hard work!