Monday, October 8, 2007

Module 3 (Spirals) - Chapter 3 Monoprinting on Fabrics

I was finally able to assemble my monoprinted fabric samples in a few collaged computer images using Paint Shop Pro. The background is not monoprinted, is a computer image.
In most cases I created monoprints in two to four successive layers on self-dyed fabrics waiting every time for each layer to dry. Samples vary in sizes but are on average 20-25 cm on each side. My colour choice for this Module is blue-orange with variations.
I used Liquitex acrylics slightly thinned with an acrylic painting medium to improve brilliance and flexibility and brushed them freely on polyester films, then scraped them with everything at hand (scrapers, pens, feathers, fingers, spoons , forks etc.). The dry films are quite nice in themselves so I've put them apart for later use (beads perhaps?).
And here are two more fabric collages

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  1. Hi, Daniela,

    Love your fabric samples, it sounds time consuming and requires good drying weather - not something to be found in UK this time of year! The results are worth it. I shall have to plan creating my samples by watching the weather reports. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I have taken note and changed it from Christmas Countdown to Module Three Countdown!