Friday, September 14, 2007

Please come in!

Hallo! Finally I'm taking my first swim out in the vast ocean of blogging after all the idle talking done about it at Urchfont. But now vacations are over, friends have left home, kids are on their way back to university and there are no more excuses ... In the next few days I'm going to upload the work I've being doing on my Module 3 (Spirals) but for today I would like to show some glimpses of my very special room under the roof.
How are you all? I would love to have you here in Rome for a chat and a cup of tea or better still for a glass of wine before dinner (remember?) ... but missing that would you like to have a look around? This is the area where I like to spend my time whenever I can. Here I keep all the odd bits and pieces of my old and new passions - dangerous and less dangerous, messy and less messy, dry and wet, bulky and so tiny that you keep losing them, you all know what I mean. I painted all my furniture in light blue and yellow thinking of winter days when light falls early.
But please come closer ... This is the area where I keep my Distant Stitch things, there are the books I'm using (on the little table on the right) and boxes full of fabrics and threads under the other tables. And of course Sian's module open at left ... This is my thinking/sketching/trying out/assembling area, with samples hanging around or in boxes and folders.

And here on the right is the stitching area with my Bernina and my Pfaff overlocker (this is a new animal and I'm still learning how to cope with it). My dear Barbie and Midge are sitting patiently beside and keep a friendly eye on me. They are still wearing their Sixties cocktail dresses and high-heeled plastic pumps from the old days. There is also a wet (and quite dirty) area with a basin where I can use dyes or dare other scary operations without too much trouble. So long for this time. I shall take another swim soon, promised!


  1. Hello again Daniela, great to see you online. I'm very envious of your workspace.

  2. Hello Daniela, and welcome to the world of blogging. what a great start too. Its good to have you join us. your studio looks interesting, lots of stuff to play with, but you are right, it would be so good to join you for a glass of wine.....

  3. Hi Daniela, your work space looks marvellous. I'm looking forward to seeing your spirals.

  4. Hi Daniela - what a fabulous workspace. I am very envious! Have you seen the book "where women create"? Its an American book, and full of amazing pictures of people's workrooms - needless to say most are absolutely enormous.
    Love the header strip to your blog too - is that a photo of yours?

  5. Looking forward to seeing what your up to on Module 3. I love to see where others work.