Thursday, October 22, 2015


For my first exploration of texture and surface relief I used my collage of Louise Bourgeois' face from my sketchbook.

This is a detail of the original photo with wrinkles and features retraced in black felt pen. Black lines are similar to furrows or cracks on a piece of soil.
And on the right is the collage made from following the main lines.
The black network looks more abstract even if a face is still recognizable and it could be viewed like grooves in the land or streets in a city map.
Below is my experiment at creating a relief on my sketchbook.

I painted a layer of gesso on a page and glued in it the main shapes cut from heavy Vilene. On top white emulsion to get a uniform look.

Along one side of the shapes I punched holes with a needle to make them stand out better.

As I told Sian I would like to develop my research theme of faces as maps and viceversa also in jewellery so I thought I can use the same image to create a brooch or a pendant. I reduced the size of the B&W collage to approximately 7 and 4 cms and cut it out from a piece of hard wax, obtaining a fretwork. These are the first stages. More on this when I get my silver cast back from the foundry!

For my second attempt at texture I used a gothic wooden sculpture from my "heap", copied it in black and white, enlarged and used the area at the top, with the hair and the headdress.

Area enlarged showing different parts to develop into textures.

Interpretation of the area at the very top using acrylic gesso as a background, tarlatan cloth, cotton balls for their fluffiness and some Japanese papers.

This is a combination of textural samples on the same sketchbook page trying to translate the other areas of the image.

When I turned the page I discovered a chance textural effect left from stitching on the yarn string. I do not know yet if it will develop into anything but I like it in its simplicity and choose to leave it as it is.