Monday, October 27, 2014




Masks are going to be my Diploma theme and as such masks will keep me busy for years I think.  I have been mulling over this theme since the end of Module 5 and throughout Module 6, I don’t exactly rembember how it started but the idea never left me since.

Perhaps I was thinking about my surname, Maschera, which is a funny and rare Italian name meaning “mask”. I made some research about its origins but they are unclear. Also I am fascinated by what it seems the universal use of masks among very different peoples and historical ages in religion, funerary ceremonies, theatre, popular events all over the world. The mask is also a very strong psychological symbol of disguised or reinforced identity and it bears powerful associations with concepts like tattoos, makeup, face lift surgery. In fact I have the feeling that this theme might stay with me forever. And of course I am thinking also of my own “layers” as a person.

In the photo above I have collected some of the items and the images I have found, and already the “heap”  as Sian says is a tall one and will keep growing in time. I took a large Evolon sheet (a square of 90 per 90 cms) to jot down some first ideas in a spider diagram (I used Evolon instead of paper since this sheet will have be around for a while). There are four main thought directions for masks in this cluster: ethnic and ritual  masks are linked in red, theatre use of masks in green, artists who worked with masks in orange and psychological connections in violet. Not all these directions will be delved into or even considered, but I believe it may be useful to have a sort of map to help me find my way around.

Let’s make a start!

 A general view of spider diagram (90 x 90 cms)

The psycho route

 The ethnic, religious development

 The performance side

Some artists working with masks


  1. What a wonderful theme, Daniela, and so personal to you and your name. You have some great ideas already and I look forward to seeing them develop. It looks like you have enough to keep you going throughout the Diploma and beyond!

    1. Thank you Catherine for your comment. You are right, it is a very personal theme and so of course very stimulating but also difficult for the very same reason because I feel involved on an intimate level. It will be a good way of taking a better look inside myself I think

  2. What a great start, Daniella, I love your choice of theme, I too have kept working with my theme, the seaside, since I finished and I know it will stay with me for ever, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you progress through the the diploma, I always thought your work on the Certificate level was was very exciting and inspirational.

    1. I am so happy to see your comment Sharon, you kept me such a good company during my Certificate years! In these days I have been rereading your module 1 postings and now I understand them better. It is wonderful that you feel still connected to your seaside theme, it really means it was right for you as I hope mine will be right for me. Let's keep in touch

  3. What an interesting theme - and so much to it! I look forward to hearing more about it as your move forward.

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