Monday, December 14, 2009

Chapter 5 - Drawn Thread Work / Part 2

For my new experiments with drawn threadwork I chose this time a less densely woven fabric, a loose white linen cloth that I found in the curtain department which seemed to get rid of its threads by only looking at it. It also dyed very well, its only drawback being that it's a bit flimsy and easily distorted. Sample 1: threads partially withdrawn from sides, ends of threads knotted in bundles, bundles wrapped with coloured yarns, some areas reinforced by machine zigzagging
Sample 2: In this sample withdrawn threads have been rethreaded, additional fabrics and yarns darned on top, machine lines are used to strenghten the fabric
Sample 3: Threads loosely relooped, machine zigzag
Sample 4: Threads pulled from central area forming a tangle of loops